Tales from Louisiana Bayou Country

The other day, I had the most surreal conversation with otherwise highly intelligent individuals (for this purpose, named Brenda and Sandra), who astonishingly proved they are propagandized, LIVs (low information voters).  Sadly, at the time, I was too weakened by a recent medical procedure and too stunned by their comments to mount an effective counteroffensive.  So, here I go.

Item #1 (Brenda):  "I really like the preexisting provision of Obamacare." 

I like that warm, fuzzy line, as well (Who doesn't?), given I, now, fall into that category.  However, just because that buzz phrase is used as a selling tool doesn't make it true.  The goal of Obamacare, of course, is to become a government, single payer system -- the worst of the worst, with total population control and tax dollars pouring into government coffers being paramount.  Nevertheless, buying medical insurance, in the interim, will be mandated (read:  forced) at excruciating cost to us and subsequent generations, subsidies and waivers, notwithstanding.  Thanks to IPAB (Independent (ha!) Payment Advisory Board) and Ezekiel Emmanuel's Complete Lives System, treatment will be denied, routinely, by bureaucrats, especially to senior citizens and vulnerable children.  To suggest harsh rationing won't be the drill is naïve, at best.  I guess Brenda didn't hear Obama's presser on the subject, touting the efficacy of substituting pills for pacemakers, for folks in their 80s. 

Parenthetically, I have no clue whether or not Brenda followed Tom Daschle's hearing testimony, when he was being considered for Secretary of HHS, or read his book on the subject.  I did, however.  He's a "fellow traveler" of Emmanuel's, the ultimate goal being sustainable population development (population control).   

Item #2 (Sandra): 

"I plan to vote for Mary Landrieu in the US Senate race because she was nice to my husband and me, several years ago, and I will vote for State Rep. Robert Johnson (D-Avoyelles Parish), in the US House Special Election, because he was nice to me, too.  Besides, I can't vote for someone who carried Bobby Jindal's water (State Sen. Neil Riser, the lead Republican in the race) - I HATE Bobby Jindal!!!  Privatization of prisons offends me and Johnson fought Jindal on that, unfortunately, to no avail.  But, I digress.  I really like Mary because she does so much for Louisiana." 

Sandra clearly, doesn't understand that Landrieu, the quintessential politician, can read people like the rest of us read road signs - a brazen schmoozer.  Moreover, the "Louisiana Purchase," regarding Obamacare, didn't pierce Sandra's veil.  Landrieu sold her vote for $300M, is renowned for buying votes and campaign donors with federal dollars and has been incredibly instrumental in drowning Louisiana in the federal trough.  You see, Brenda and Sandra, money doesn't come in a distant second to power; as you two opined ; they go hand-in-hand.  The state's concomitant irrelevancy is working so well for us, isn't it?  Ergo, how about at least trying to elect pols who will have the courage to try to defund the deadly, economy-breaking, freedom-killing disaster that is Obamacare?  Landrieu and Johnson won't cut it.  "Fiscal responsibility" isn't in their lexicon.

Item #3 (Brenda): 

"Sarah Palin said she could see Russia from her house, in Wasilla, Alaska."  

I thought Brenda was kidding.  Sadly, she wasn't.  Never mind that Tina Fey, playing the role of Palin, made the statement in a hatchet skit on SNL.  Never mind, as well, that, while Palin did say Russia can be seen from Alaska, she never specified that it could be seen from the Alaskan mainland.  Last I checked, the Aleutian Islands are still part of Alaska and the Komandorski Islands remain part of Russia.  Ergo, can Russia be seen from Alaska?  Yes, it can.  Ask any operative involved in the Cold War.     

Final upshot:  It was extremely distressing to learn that people close to me are so easily propagandized/duped, particularly at this stage of the game, and, thus, so willing, however unwittingly, to put nails in many people's coffins and in that of the country.