Straw in the wind: Dem fundraising lags

Individual Democrats running in the House and Senate appear to be doing quite well. But fundraising for the national party has "hit the skids" says Politico: The Democratic National Committee is in the middle of its worst fundraising year in a decade. The committee's 2013 cash pace is lagging behind even for a typical off-year, according to a POLITICO analysis of the DNC's fundraising. And it has barely made a dent in paying down election year debt nearly 10 months after President Barack Obama was reelected. At the end of July in 2009, the DNC had raised nearly $51 million, adjusted for inflation. At this point in 2007, the DNC had raised about $36.3 million. This year, it raised $35.4 million though the end of July. The DNC remains $18.5 million dollars in debt as of the end of July, according to campaign finance reports filed this week. That's up from $18.3 million in debt reported in in June. The committee also spent more than it raised in July - taking in $3.9...(Read Full Post)