Senator Cruz's message makes a lot of sense

Like many others, Senator Cruz is in Iowa to "test the waters," as they like to say.  Frankly, I don't care much about the politics of 2016.  It's too early anyway.  I am listening to what these candidates are saying. Senator Cruz' message is upbeat, pro-American, pro-freedom and one that Hispanics should be taking note of: "In his 26-minute speech at The Family Leadership Summit, the 42-year-old senator presented himself as a zesty outsider. He called on grassroots activists to help him and a small band of like-minded lawmakers pressure Congress to defund Obamacare, drawing ovations for that , for his call to abolish the IRS, and for his refusal to accept a path to citizenship in any immigration overhaul.     (Dallas Morning News) Senator Cruz is talking to Hispanics like Americans not an ethnic group.  I really like that.  Identity politics makes me sick! He delivers a message of opportunity and growth, or precisely the two things that...(Read Full Post)