Senator Cruz's message makes a lot of sense

Like many others, Senator Cruz is in Iowa to "test the waters," as they like to say.  Frankly, I don't care much about the politics of 2016.  It's too early anyway. 

I am listening to what these candidates are saying.

Senator Cruz' message is upbeat, pro-American, pro-freedom and one that Hispanics should be taking note of:

"In his 26-minute speech at The Family Leadership Summit, the 42-year-old senator presented himself as a zesty outsider. He called on grassroots activists to help him and a small band of like-minded lawmakers pressure Congress to defund Obamacare, drawing ovations for that , for his call to abolish the IRS, and for his refusal to accept a path to citizenship in any immigration overhaul.     (Dallas Morning News)

Senator Cruz is talking to Hispanics like Americans not an ethnic group.  I really like that.  Identity politics makes me sick!

He delivers a message of opportunity and growth, or precisely the two things that the Hispanic community needs more of.  On the other hand, Democrats speak to Hispanics like victims.  They also oversell what government can and will do. 

On education, Senator Cruz is calling for more choice and options.  Democrats are just calling for more of the same, or "no reforms" and forcing teachers to contribute to the teachers' union.

On ObamaCare, the single biggest threat to our freedom and prosperity, Senator Cruz is saying that it is disaster for businesses or job creators. 

He is also calling for the elimination of the IRS.   This is even more important today that the IRS leadership has been exposed as highly partisan and arrogant.  

Last, but not least, immigration is about the rule of law not pandering for votes. We are all for a "humane approach" as long as it puts the rule of law first and foremost.

Senator Cruz' message will appeal to more and more Hispanics, especially as they get to hear it and continue to live under Obamaeconomics.


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