Security forces clear mosque of pro-Morsi supporters

Following the "Day of Rage" protests on Friday that killed at least 173, authorities quashed demonstrations all of the country today, firing into a mosque in Cairo where pro-Morsi supporters had barricaded themselves. BBC: Egypt's security forces have cleared a Cairo mosque after a long stand-off with Muslim Brotherhood supporters barricaded inside, state media says. All the protesters have now been taken out of the mosque, and many have been arrested, security forces say. The confrontation at the al-Fath mosque continued for most of the day - with exchanges of gunfire between security forces and protesters. Meanwhile the interim PM has proposed legally dissolving the Brotherhood. The group supports the ousted President Mohammed Morsi, and wants him to be reinstated. The Brotherhood is technically a banned organisation anyway - it was officially dissolved by Egypt's military rulers in 1954 - but it recently registered itself as a non-governmental organisation. If it was legally...(Read Full Post)