Rep. Carr to challenge Lamar Alexander

Tea Party favorite State Rep. Joe Carr of Tennessee has decided to challenge GOP Senator Lamar Alexander in the primary next year, calling him "the most liberal member of the delegation from Tennessee." Carr was mulling a run against Rep. Scott DesJarlais, who is reeling from recent revelations of infidelity and urging his wife to get an abortion after she got pregnant as the result of an extramarital affair. Washnington Post: Meanwhile, Alexander is one of Tennessee's most seasoned politicians. He is a former two-term governor who twice ran for president, served as U.S. secretary of education and as president of the University of Tennessee. He also had $3.1 million in the bank for his re-election effort through the first half of the year. Carr said he expects it will take more than $5 million to defeat Alexander, including independent expenditures. He had about $275,000 on hand from his House race through the middle of the year. "Lamar is popular, but there is a...(Read Full Post)