Progs openly conspire to disrupt GOP town halls

The left has abandoned stealth when it comes to their efforts to generate sound bites and video clips at town halls conducted by GOP members of Congress during the August recess. According to a Huffington Post  article by Amanda Terkel: GOP lawmakers may be feeling more heat this summer at their town halls, speeches and fundraisers as progressive activists begin an aggressive effort to confront Republicans wherever they go. "This is a new approach. The theory in the past has been to be stealth about the effort to confront members at town halls -- but sometimes it's been too stealth, and we haven't generated enough activity," said Brad Woodhouse, president of the progressive group Americans United for Change. "Since everyone knows that both sides are doing this, we're going to be public-facing about it." On Wednesday, the group is launching Accountable Congress, a new website meant to be a summer toolkit for the progressive community, providing information about where Republican...(Read Full Post)