Progressives fulminating over impeachment talk

Progressives are having conniption fits, sputtering with indignation over growing talk about impeachment as the constitutional remedy for President Obama's flouting of the law, most prominently in declaring that he will not enforce certain aspects of Obamacare out of his own political convenience. The founders clearly understood the need for a political remedy when an executive behaved outside the bounds of the law. The talk is both local: (hat tip: Nice Deb) And among pundits. Andrew McCarthy writes at NRO: The Framers did not believe free people needed lawyers to figure out how to govern themselves. The standard they gave us for removal from high public office is so simple that obstetricians and even wind-bags should have no trouble grasping it. All public officials, including presidents, are sure to err, but comparatively few will prove utterly unfit for high office. Thus impeachment was designed to be neither over- nor under-inclusive. The Framers considered limiting...(Read Full Post)