President Obama's words mean nothing

We don't know for sure whether chemical gas was used or not used on civilians in Syria.  We've seen the pictures but no one knows for sure whether it was the government or someone else.  Frankly, we just don't know. Check out Egypt where we've made everybody angry. We've seen those pictures too and it's not pretty, or "Close to the edge" as Thomas Friedman wrote. All of this is happening almost on the anniversary of the "red line" remark.  And that's the problem!  Nobody cares, or is afraid, of Obama's words.Why should they? In all fairness, there are some very serious problems in the Middle East.  We are not just dumping on Obama but he is the one who made the "red line" threats.  He is also the one who delvered "The Cairo Speech" and welcomed The Arab Spring.  And let's not forget that he was also the one who stood in the sidelines when people were being slaughtered in the streets of Tehran in the spring of '09! ...(Read Full Post)