Obama's 'kick me' sign

How is this for a flashback?  Barack Obama, full of arrogance as usual, was flying high in 2010 when the BP well in the Gulf started leaking crude. When he was asked how he would handle the event, he responded that he had met with experts to "learn whose ass to kick."  This was strikingly un-presidential, a disgrace to the office. But Obama, the great speechmaker, has uttered many disgusting phrases (see my previous column on the Barack Obama Presidential Library for a small sample). This was not very helpful but did reveal how much of a bully Obama can be when the targets are easy to find and easy to attack. But when he has faced the converse and when someone challenges him and America, what does he do? For instance what has been his response to having his supposed "red lines" crossed repeatedly, when Putin advances Russian interests at the expense of America's, when Iran threatens world peace and plans attacks in Washington? His response has been pathetically weak and...(Read Full Post)