Obamacare isn't Medicare

The president likes to compare Obamacare resistance to the efforts to stop Medicare and Social Security. The thinking goes that once the program is in place and people see how all the goodies are helping them, opposition will fade away. Is that true? Not hardly. Politico: But this time there's a difference. Political opposition to Obamacare is still as strong as ever, more than three years after it was signed into law. That means the administration's task in launching the health care law -- the biggest new social program since the creation of Medicare in 1965 -- is harder than anything its predecessors had to face.   Between now and Oct. 1, the Obama administration has to get ready to enroll millions of people, just as Lyndon Johnson's administration did during the rollout of Medicare. And it has to put the infrastructure in place and make sure the health care industry is ready to participate, just as Johnson's people did. But on top of all that, Obamacare has a huge...(Read Full Post)