Obama wants us to trust him on Syria

A rumor is going around Washington that the President is "consulting" with Congress about what he plans to do (or what he would like to do or what he will do in the near future) in response to what John Kerry has called the "moral obscenity" of the sarin gas attacks on civilians in Syria. For those who haven't investigated just what sarin gas is, it is a so-called nerve agent.  Once inhaled, it attacks the nervous system of the victims, in other words it affects the muscles.  Within a few seconds of sarin gas exposure, victims will start to experience eye pain, drooling, weakness, vomiting, diarrhea and irregular heart rates. If exposed to a large amount of sarin in either gas or liquid form, victims can experience more severe and painful symptoms such as convulsions, paralysis, and loss of respiratory functions. Death will usually occur as a result of asphyxia due to the inability of the muscles involved in breathing to function.  In short, a victim would die from not...(Read Full Post)