Obama the Front Man

The must-read essay of the day, perhaps of the week, is Kevin Williamson's dissection of President Obama's vast expansion of the arbitrary powers of the bureaucratic state and his lawless behavior in office.  The piece, titled "The Front Man," is full of well-turned phrases and is a delight to read, so it should be read in its entirety. He sees Obama as less a tyrant than front man: Barack Obama isn't the leader of the free world; he's the front man for the permanent bureaucracy, the smiley-face mask hiding the pitiless yawning maw of total politics. He explains: ...the United States is not going to fall for a strongman government. Instead of delegating power to a would-be president-for-life, we delegate it to a bureaucracy-without-death. You do not need to install a dictator when you've already had a politically supercharged permanent bureaucracy in place for 40 years or more. As is made clear by everything from campaign donations to the IRS jihad, the bureaucracy is the...(Read Full Post)