Obama-inspired climate change rally epic fail

What if Obama for America Organizing for America held a rally and nobody showed up? Could we all conclude that this is nothing but a giant David Axelrod-style astroturf effort, designed to give the appearance of genuine citizen concern, but really just a Potemkin Village version of political momentum? Well, it's happened. The Washington Free Beacon reports: Not a single person showed up at the Georgetown waterfront Tuesday for a climate change agenda event put on by Organizing for Action, the shadowy nonprofit advocacy group born out of President Obama's 2012 campaign, the NRCC wrote in its blog. The event page for the "Climate Change Day of Action Rally"disappeared after rainy weather appeared to drive away whatever people planned to attend. The embarrassing showing follows the news that only one volunteer stayed for an OFA Obamacare event in Centreville, Va., last week to work the phones: The corrupt media will ignore this remarkable...(Read Full Post)