Muslims Celebrate Ramadan with Battery Acid

Just when you may have thought the religion of peace could not be more barbaric they prove you wrong. What is worse then being hacked with a machete on a city street? How about having battery aid splashed in your face? From the Daily Mail UK we learn that last Wednesday night, on the final night of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. Two beautiful British teenager girls were splashed with battery acid in their faces, suffering horrifying burns while walking to a restaurant on a street on the Muslim Resort Island of Zanzibar, Tanzania. Jeremy Gee, the father of one of the victims related to the Mail that, "The level of the burns are beyond imagination". The two received medical care in Tanzania and were later medevaced back to the United Kingdom from Africa to the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London for treatment by specialists. The two were visiting the country to volunteer at an educational charity called, "Art in Tanzania". Both were teaching at the St. Monica nursery...(Read Full Post)