Moral Relativism and the Raping of Grandma

Boys will be boys.  Take Samuel Dye for example.  Young Sam is a 20-year-old man with a healthy albeit deprived libido.  It's likely he's gotten free condoms from the government, has been instructed about the ins and outs of human sexuality in public school, and takes in a porno flick now and then on a free cell phone possibly supplied by taxpayers.  But poor Sammy; despite all his stimulating preparation, can't seem to find a willing partner.

That's why, in the liberal world of moral relativism, where what's right for me is right, even if it's wrong, Sam must have decided it was alright to satisfy his urge in a nontraditional way. 

With hammer in hand, Mr. Dye allegedly made his way "over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house" in Chester, South Carolina.  Then, at 4:00 am, after informing his grandmother that he was going to "get some," Samuel attacked his father's mother with the intent to rape her and, if she resisted, planned to bludgeon her to death. In Sam's disturbed head, "getting some" from grandma obviously didn't mean his favorite chocolate chip cookies. 

With his trousers down around his ankles, Sam smacked granny in the head with the hammer.  Being a good Christian woman, Grandma Dye suggested that Sonny Boy pause for a second and pray with her.  Although Sam's Facebook page claims he "Works for God," the clearly conflicted youth was more interested in preying than in praying.  Instead, before smashing her in the head second time, Dye exposed himself to the woman who likely fed and diapered him as a baby.

Thankfully, his father, who heard his 61-year-old mother screaming, caught his son "in the act" and pulled the eager young 'un off the woman and called the police.

Aside from a seat belt violation, little Sammy Dye has no prior criminal history in South Carolina.  Currently, he is being held at the Chester County Detention Center, having been charged with attempted murder and attempted sexual contact.  What's worse is that after trying to rape and kill grandma, he's got no one to ask for loose change to use the prison pay phone.

Although the story is sick and twisted, there is a moral here.  America has morphed into a society where children are over-sexualized, over-stimulated, catered to, and told that anything having to do with sex is not only acceptable, it's encouraged.  Samuel Dye is not alone; in Colorado, 15-year-old Trevon Isaac had the same idea. Trevon was arrested for allegedly raping his 59-year-old grandma while she slept. In New Orleans, another man was arrested for raping his 85-year-old grandmother who couldn't run away because she was a double amputee.

In Sam's liberal-molded mind, he must have felt he had a right to take what he wanted if grandma refused to oblige. After all, in America there isn't really any set standard for right and wrong, is there?  And if there is, who determines those standards?

In the dysfunctional world in which we currently live, truth and morality are now subject only to feelings, and excuses for criminal behavior are attributed to childhood mistreatment, poverty, school bullying, and on and on.  So with those criteria as an explanation, which liberal has the fortitude to step forward, set a standard, and declare that what Samuel Dye and others like him allegedly did was gross and reprehensible, and that what this out of control fiend thought was acceptable was, indeed, wrong?

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