Maddow's Color Confusion

Over at The Maddow Blog on MSNBC, Rachel Maddow's team took note of my recent American Thinker article on population growth and conservatism -- particularly the following statement I made regarding an electoral map of the 2012 election: Of course, Republican victories are more correctly highlighted in freedom blue on this figure, with Democrat wins in commie red (rather than Tim Russert's backwards red state-blue state nonsense). In reply, Kent Jones made the following statement at MSNBC: So, in Rayne's world, since it's from Tim Russert, and it's from MSNBC, the dreaded liberal Kracken, the red state-blue state meme is 'nonsense' and should be scuppered. Got it. (Although this switcheroo could prove awkward for the folks at Red State.). As for 'commie red,' well, sure, red is the color of communism,  but it's also the color of the Confederate battle flag. Leaving aside the obvious problem with Jones's analogy, since the Confederate battle flag has a substantial...(Read Full Post)