'Los locos': Out of control teachers' union in Mexico

Thank God that I was in Dallas rather than Mexico City last Friday.   The teachers' union decided to destroy whatever little reputation they have left.  They blocked the major avenues to the airport making everybody angry, as reported in The NY Times:      "A radical teachers' group mobilized thousands of members in Mexico City last week, chasing lawmakers from their chambers, occupying the city's historic central square, blocking access to hotels and the international airport, and threatening to bring an already congested city to a halt in the coming days." It was so interesting to watch the reaction of citizens on Mexico City TV.  There was no sympathy from the people in the streets. Merchants were furious!  Even a bride all dressed up for her wedding got caught up in the traffic jam. One lady said "this is too much.  I no longer respect the teachers."  Another man said: ...(Read Full Post)