Lambs to the slaughter

The Muslim Brotherhood has apparently decided to expend the lives of its members and their families by marching in protest against the government, despite the announcement that police have been authorized to shoot down protestors "in self defense." The march, billed as a "day of anger," has begun and shots are already ringing out. BBC: The demonstrations are taking place under the slogan "the people want to topple the coup" - referring to the military's removal of Mr Morsi on 3 July. His supporters have been urged to converge on Ramses Square from a number of mosques throughout the city. Security in the capital is tight, with many armoured personnel carriers on the streets. Entrances to Tahrir Square, the focus of demonstrations that led to the toppling of President Hosni Mubarak in 2011, were also reported to have been blocked off by the army. State TV said the military was deploying to protect "important and vital facilities". Members of groups opposed to Mr Morsi - the...(Read Full Post)