Jerry Brown delays BART strike

Governor Jerry Brown has stepped in to prevent a strike of Bay Area Rapid Transit workers at midnight Sunday night, imposing a seven day waiting period and appointing a committee to investigate the dispute and issue a public report.  CBS/AP reports: With an eleventh hour order, Gov. Jerry Brown averted a strike of San Francisco's Bay Area Rapid Transit system late Sunday night, easing the minds of hundreds of thousands of anxious commuters. In the order, Brown named a board of investigators for a seven-day inquiry into the contract dispute that threatened to shut down, beginning Monday, one of the region's major train lines. Brown's order comes under a law that allows the state's intervention if a strike will significantly disrupt public transportation services and endanger public health. "For the sake of the people of the Bay Area, I urge -- in the strongest terms possible -- the parties to meet quickly and as long as necessary to get this dispute resolved," Brown said in the...(Read Full Post)