How Hillary pulls the strings at NBC

Noel Sheppard at Newsbusters exposes the way Team Hillary is manipulating the NBC networks over the planned miniseries on her life. The planned offer of fealty turned into a disaster when Reince Priebus and the GOP stood up, cried foul and threw NBC out of contention to host 2016 presidential debates, along with CNN which planned a documentary. Officially put on notice that it is regarded as biased, N BC would have been under pressure to show at least a few warts on the career of Hillary, studded as it is with incidents best forgotten from Mrs. Clinton's perspective. Noel writes: On August 8, I speculated that the Clintons might have been responsible for three different NBC employees within a few hours of each other speaking out against the network's planned miniseries about Hillary.  On Wednesday, the Hollywood Reporter cited unnamed sources at NBC News claiming that fear of the Clintons might be playing a role in that network's apparent cold-feet regarding the...(Read Full Post)