Here come the baptism police?

The National Park Service has begun enforcing a new policy aimed at cracking down on baptisms in national parks. I have never been aware that baptisms were regarded as a threat to public safety or welfare, but evidently in the age of Obama, people committing their lives to Christ ranks right up there with advocating personal responsibility as a threat to the fundamental change President Obama promised us. Todd Starnes reports on Fox News: The National Park Service began enforcing a policy recently that required churches to obtain special use permits in order to baptize in public waters. As part of the same permit process, the NPS also mandated that churches give the Park Service 48 hours advance notice of pending baptisms. But as any Baptist or Pentecostal in good standing knows - that's a problem. "If the Holy Spirit is working on Sunday morning, you're going to baptize Sunday afternoon," Dennis Purcell told The Salem News. "You may not know ahead of time."  Many Christians...(Read Full Post)