Having Eugene Robinson call you 'nutty' is really 'nutty'

It would be a lot better if Eugene Robinson would focus on 'black on black" crime and the lousy unemployment rate in all of those black districts run by black Democrats.  Or maybe he could do a story about all of those Democrats who take money from the public teachers' union but don't send their children to public schools! Unfortunately, Eugene Robinson would rather talk about Senator Cruz and how the GOP is "nutty": "It's not your imagination. The Republican Party really does seem to have taken leave of its senses." Maybe Eugene Robinson should get out of MSNBC and sit down with Democrats running for reelection in 2014.  He may find out that a lot of them are very concerned about ObamaCare. After all, it was Democrat Senator Baucus who warned us about a "train wreck". Robinson would also be well served if he looked at some polling data. ObamaCare is not popular at all.  Or maybe he should talk with business...(Read Full Post)