Glenn Greenwald's martyrdom

I think the Vatican should look into making him a saint - even though I don't think he's a Catholic. A reporter who wrote the articles on NSA suveillance with highly classified material supplied by Edward Snowden is upset that his domestic partner has been caught up in the case. Say what you will about Snowden - and Greenwald for that matter - as far as being heroes for unmasking the NSA's snooping. They are. But not to realize that the law was broken in releasing that information - if not publishing it - and that the US and Britain wouldn't be interested in questioning those closest to the reporter and leaker, is disingenuous, and, at best, laughable naivete. Glenn Greenwald's companion was detained at Heathrow for 9 hours, as British authorities sought to glean as much information about how Greenwald got the classified material as they could. Greenwald calls it "intimidation" and there is no doubt an element of that is present.  But really, what did Greenwald expect? No one...(Read Full Post)