Fact or fiction?

Author Brad Thor's recent book "Hidden Order" is a thought provoking work tuned to the remarkably coincidental geo political events of today. Realizing this is only fiction, the author paints the picture that could explain the Arab Spring effort of today.  Perhaps Mr. Thor was also curious of the unexplained undercurrents in the past five years.  President Obama rushes to Cairo to give his first major speech as President.  He invites, insists, the Muslim Brotherhood attend.  Egypt subsequently becomes a hot bed and an undeclared coup with the Brotherhood a major player. Mr. Thor's book proposes that possibly the United States, and specifically the Federal Reserve has indeed become the servant to one of our largest creditor's, Saudi Arabia. The premise is based in fact. Saudi Arabia is Sunni Muslim.  The Muslim Brotherhood, according to the author is Sunni friendly.  Additionally, the Saudis sense an instability in the region. Therefore, Mr. Thor...(Read Full Post)