Embassy Closings - More Cover for Benghazi?

The unprecedented shutter of 22 embassies and consulates, in mainly Muslim countries, along with the issuance of a global travel warning to all Americans, is based on what the Obama Administration calls, a "serious" terror threat. While these "threats" may be legitimate, how is it that the Obama administration now finds it necessary to shutter almost two dozen embassies and consulates on communication "chatter," when they had the intelligence and "hard" evidence of an imminent terrorist attack on the consulate in Benghazi long before it was actually attacked? Not to mention the knowledge and warnings they had from Benghazi embassy personnel to the State Department that they were vulnerable to attack and needed more protection immediately! With this latest action, the Obama administration wants to put forward the narrative that they have always been on the alert to terror threats around the world, and specifically, on the sovereign grounds of our many embassies and consulates. ...(Read Full Post)