Don't cry to me about MTV

Well, what do you know? Hannah Montana has infamously "twerked" her way into the sad and decadent lore of the MTV Video Music Awards (VMA). I'm not sure what's worse: Miley Cyrus gyrating around like a demon in heat or people leering on (even with their young children!), surprised at what they were seeing. I've had MTV blocked on my television for about as long as I can remember. I have four children under 12 years old. There is no way I would risk allowing them even 15 seconds of viewing what is perhaps the most hedonistic television network in the history of television. Yet, millions of parents across America not only fail to block the channel in their homes, but they are themselves viewers. Over 10 million Americans watched the mindless rot-a 66% increase over last year. In addition, Viacom (which owns MTV) executives announced that this year they broke sponsorship records with the VMA. "It's the highest level of revenue we've ever produced for a show," said Jeff Lucas, head...(Read Full Post)