Democrats split on fracking

Greenies may find that their campaign cash is not enough to get the Democratic Party to squash fracking, for its alleged environmental hazards and because they are absolutists on CO2 emissions. But the beneficiaries of fracking include labor unions, another core Democrat constituency. And even worse, where fracking is being used, it is popular. Alex Roarty writes in National Journal: A survey taken in the fall of last year by Muhlenberg College in Allentown, Pa., and the University of Michigan, shows that most Democrats view the industry as a possible economic lifeline. Asked whether natural gas is important to the state's economy, 77 percent of Pennsylvania Democrats said it was somewhat or very important. Just 22 percent called it not very important or not important at all. At first glance, Pennsylvania's Democratic gubernatorial primary next year looks like a prime opportunity for the party to swing left on natural gas. Fracking is a major issue in the state's politics. Primaries...(Read Full Post)