Democrats declare the Constitution doesn't apply to them

John Fund, writing on National Review Online, quotes a Democrat political operative who has worked for Ted Kennedy and John Kerry. She said, among other things, the following: There is a special Congress that we're dealing with right now that has the lowest popularity rating in history and Republicans who overwhelmingly would oppose taking any action. The president of the United States cannot be handcuffed by the same Republicans that are holding the rest of the country hostage on every other issue. That is wrong. One of the core principles of the Constitution is the separation of powers which in turn leads to checks and balances -- i.e. no single part of the government can run roughshod over citizens' rights.  The three branches of government -- Legislative, Executive, and Judicial -- each have different powers, but all are required to follow the Constitution. In the Constitution, the Legislative branch has the power to declare war, not the Executive branch. Yet Democrats...(Read Full Post)