Craziness in California

Two very recent examples of craziness in liberal and libertine California (and I write this knowing full well that my state of residence, Illinois, is no better)... 1) From the Catholic League: Bill Donohue comments on the California bill that would allow those who claim they were molested in a private institution more time to file lawsuits: On August 14, SB 131 lost in the Assembly Appropriations Committee by a 6-4 vote; there were seven abstentions. Yesterday [Aug. 21], it passed 12-4. The bill now heads to the Assembly; it could be voted on as early as Monday. It was the Democrats who made the difference between last week and this week. Last week, they were indecisive; this week they decided to cast their vote in favor of a bill that discriminates against the Catholic Church. I'm not opposed to repealing statutes of limitations in regard to sex abuse--each case should be decided on its own merits--but I do think it's preposterous to single out the Catholic Church while...(Read Full Post)