Craziness in California

Two very recent examples of craziness in liberal and libertine California (and I write this knowing full well that my state of residence, Illinois, is no better)...

1) From the Catholic League:

Bill Donohue comments on the California bill that would allow those who claim they were molested in a private institution more time to file lawsuits:

On August 14, SB 131 lost in the Assembly Appropriations Committee by a 6-4 vote; there were seven abstentions. Yesterday [Aug. 21], it passed 12-4. The bill now heads to the Assembly; it could be voted on as early as Monday.

It was the Democrats who made the difference between last week and this week. Last week, they were indecisive; this week they decided to cast their vote in favor of a bill that discriminates against the Catholic Church.

I'm not opposed to repealing statutes of limitations in regard to sex abuse--each case should be decided on its own merits--but I do think it's preposterous to single out the Catholic Church while exempting public institutions.

After all, "The incidence of sexual abuse by teachers in public schools today has been estimated to be 'more than 100 times' that by Catholic priests, and there is alarming evidence of school officials covering up abuse and failing to report suspected cases to authorities." (Source)

2) The silliest quote of the month courtesy of porn actress Cameron Bay, made after she tested positive for HIV: "I don't sleep around, I don't do anything crazy, and I keep track of the people that I've worked with." (Source)

Hopefully she'll get out of the porn industry pronto.

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