Can you govern without bread and toilet paper?

President Maduro of Venezuela likes to say that he is in touch wih the late Hugo Chavez.  We hear that Chavez 'tweets" Maduro with suggestions and ideas, i.e. "the little Chavez bird."   Maybe this is a Caracas version of Hillary Clinton having conversations with Eleanor Roosevelt. Frankly, don't be shocked if Maduro takes a rifle and shoots "the little Chavez bird" the next time that he is flying around offering this or that. Chavez is dead. However, inflation is alive is alive and hurting Venezuelans.  I just had a conversation with a friend in Caracas who said the following: !) Venezuela is a creeping dictatorship.  The Maduro government is squeezing out the opposition and making life very difficult for the free press; 2) He is concerned about Globovision, a TV network.   He confirmed what Daniel Duquenal posted recently.  There is nothing critical or objective in the Venezuela ...(Read Full Post)