Buyer's Remorse in the Marriage Debate

Support for allowing same-sex couples to marry is apparently on the rise.  Advocates -- through help from friends in media -- have effectively crafted and communicated talking points portraying the debate over same-sex "marriage" as a question of equality, helping turn public opinion on the issue.  But as this social experiment goes from theoretical to actual, taking firm hold in certain parts of the country, some features of so-called "marriage equality" are giving many a reason for pause.   As we are all now starting to realize, by "equality," advocates mean more than availability of a marriage license.  Everyone must be forced to accept the legitimacy of these same-sex unions and, if called upon, participate in and support them.     Many cities and states are passing aggressive legislation labeled "human rights" and encouraging homosexual couples to turn in anyone who declines to provide services to them, even in states that have not yet...(Read Full Post)