Arctic Ice Melt Bonanza

For years the warmists have bleated about the melting of Arctic ice as a consequence of their hypothetical global warming. Of course, they ignore the build-up of Antarctic ice and the failure of the earth overall to warm for the last decade and a half. But yes, Arctic ice is melting. And it turns out to be a wonderful thing for humanity. There are two big advantages: It opens a new, much shorter route for ships traveling between Asia and Europe. In June, Walter Russell Meade pointed to an article in Foreign Affairs that noted: Since summertime Arctic sea routes save thousands of miles during a journey between the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean, the Arctic also stands to become a central passageway for global maritime transportation, just as it already is for aviation. It should also be noted that this route bypasses the Suez Canal, Arabia, and the Straits of Malacca, all of which are choke points for trade under the control of Muslim countries. There are also vast...(Read Full Post)