A word about Eydie Gorme

Let's take a break from politics today and remember Eydie Gorme, who passed away at 84 "Ms. Gorme, who was born in New York City to Sephardic Jewish parents, grew up speaking English and Spanish. When she and her husband were at the height of their career as a team in 1964, the president of Columbia Records, Goddard Lieberson, suggested she put that Spanish to use in the recording studio. The result was "Amor," recorded with the Mexican combo Trio Los Panchos." And this is where my parents and thousands of other Cuban parents came in!   She recorded music that was heard from here to Argentina. In those early days in the US, my parents found tropical relief in cold Wisconsin winters by listening to all of those Spanish ballads that Eydie Gorme recorded.  I can remember listening to her LP (that's what we had before CD or MP3 files) over and over again. My mom really loved them.  It was the romantic music that she and my dad...(Read Full Post)