White House Down

A current news item by the responsible pro-Israel news aggregator HONEST REPORTING caught my attention: An Investigative reporter smuggles a gun into Knesset and points it at the Prime Minister. Was this gutsy or reckless journalism? And what does it mean for the rest of the press corps? For everything breathing near the vicinity of this review, Israel is famous for its prodigious security measures, whether to a SuperSol grocery market or important governmental structures. So someone able to get around the almost unwieldy security of the government seat is worthy of huge concern, even if it is a deplorable stunt. This gets us to the matter of the latest Emmerich offering. He hasn't always been the provider of enormously unlikely plots: Independence Day (1996) was a mega-hit, but also targeted the Washington, DC, government residence that symbolizes our country; The Day After Tomorrow, in 2004, a superheated pander to climate change tin-hat alarmists, also opened big and made a...(Read Full Post)