'White Hispanic' and other media creations on race

"White Hispanic."  I almost choked on my plate of nachos when I heard that one.  "White Hispanic" sounds eerily like the turn-of-the-last-century, Jim Crow-era definitions of race, which were so arbitrary they are almost laughable in the age of DNA testing to determine genealogical lines.  There is nothing scientific about calling someone a "White Hispanic," yet it has been the label du jour for the media in describing George Zimmerman, the man recently exonerated for killing Trayvon Martin. Why was Zimmerman being labeled a "White Hispanic?"  From day one, the mainstream media had rabid desire to attach "White" to his heritage, as if being "White" triggered the instinct to kill a black teen-and we wouldn't want to suggest that any ethnic group is predisposed to particular behaviors, now would we?  Merely being Hispanic did not fit the narrative.  There had to be more to Zimmerman's makeup which compelled him to kill Trayvon Martin. The easy,...(Read Full Post)