US may pull all troops out of Afghanistan next year

Afghan President Hamid Karzai is acting more and more like the last president of South Vietnam, Nguyen Van Thieu. This, from Thieu's obit in the New York Times in 2001: But a recently published book by Larry Berman, ''No Peace, No Honor: Nixon, Kissinger and Betrayal in Vietnam,'' (The Free Press), draws on previously secret archives to show that President Richard M. Nixon and Henry S. Kissinger, then the national security adviser, ignored Mr. Thieu's objections to their peace negotiations with Hanoi and agreed to withdraw American troops from Vietnam without any guarantees that North Vietnam would respect the Paris peace accords of 1973. Mr. Berman, a professor and director of the University of California Washington Center, wrote that Nixon and Mr. Kissinger knew that under the accords North Vietnam would keep its troops in the south, and that they both expected North Vietnam to violate the accords with further offensive operations. The two men were willing to accept...(Read Full Post)