Trayvon Could Have Been Me Too, Mr. President

In what appears to me as an attempt to keep the IRS and other Administration scandals out of the headlines, President Obama once again commented on the Zimmerman case and went a step further this time by saying: "Trayvon Martin could have been me 35 years ago." In one sense the President is correct and I suppose Trayvon could have been me as well -- 27 years ago. No, I'm not a black American, but since there's no evidence that the Trayvon case had anything to do with race, why is it that President Obama and the usual suspects continue to bring it up as if it did? The reason I say Trayvon could have been me is because I was seventeen once and truth be told, sometimes seventeen-year-olds make really, really stupid decisions. And sometimes those decisions are met with dire consequences. Last week was the 27th anniversary of my 17th birthday. Back then a few close friends and I had decided to celebrate my 17th by going cruising in the urban-assault-vehicle (Mom's tan station wagon) for...(Read Full Post)