This Independence Day, Brownstein Bemoans a Divided America

Don't you love libs?  Full of sanctimony and faux cluelessness.  Let's hope its faux, otherwise National Journal's Ron Brownstein is dopey beyond redemption.  In Brownstein's column dated July 3 for National Journal, he writes that as of this Independence Day, Red and Blue America are more divided than ever, like two huge continental plates sliding passed each other in different directions.  Ronnie's got that right.     The source of the separation is, of course, Red or conservative America not seeing the left's light, dim as it may be.  Like any good lib, Brownstein first cites two issues of the day as major grounds for a dismaying divide between the Red and the Blue: Gay marriage and abortion.  Not, mind you, the continuing existential threat of Muslim jihad; not the trampling of the 4th Amendment by the NSA; not the very broke U.S. Treasury; not the IRS targeting conservatives for "special" treatment; not a government health care...(Read Full Post)