This Independence Day, Brownstein Bemoans a Divided America

Don't you love libs?  Full of sanctimony and faux cluelessness.  Let's hope its faux, otherwise National Journal's Ron Brownstein is dopey beyond redemption. 

In Brownstein's column dated July 3 for National Journal, he writes that as of this Independence Day, Red and Blue America are more divided than ever, like two huge continental plates sliding passed each other in different directions.  Ronnie's got that right.    

The source of the separation is, of course, Red or conservative America not seeing the left's light, dim as it may be.  Like any good lib, Brownstein first cites two issues of the day as major grounds for a dismaying divide between the Red and the Blue: Gay marriage and abortion.  Not, mind you, the continuing existential threat of Muslim jihad; not the trampling of the 4th Amendment by the NSA; not the very broke U.S. Treasury; not the IRS targeting conservatives for "special" treatment; not a government health care scheme that is consistently opposed by a majority of Americans. 

No, it's first and foremost about permitting gays to marry and abortion doctors to go late-term.  That's what makes for cocktail party chatter among Ronnie's DC compatriots.  Red America is recalcitrant on both issues, unwilling to bend to the degrading of the institution of marriage (that would be a union of a man and a woman, as off-putting as that may sound to Ronnie) and appalled by the antics of Texas State Senator Wendy Davis, who led the charge for baby-killing past 20 weeks in the womb.  (Oh, we know, it's not baby killing; it's a woman's choice, for secularism's sake).     

That's not to suggest that gay marriage and abortion aren't important issues.  Sure they are.  Red America sees the societal decay that's been underway for too long.  Conservatives grasp that a society debauched can't but lead to a government debauched (in fact, as the latest headlines indicate, that debauchment is on the rise - constitutional safeguards be damned). 

And abortion?  Well, this is going to make lil Ronnie's skin crawl, but abortion is the slavery issue of our time.  Hundreds of thousands of babies are killed in their mother's wombs annually (vastly disproportionate numbers of them black, ironically).  Life is the primary human right.  No compromise there, Ronnie. 

Writes the distressed Brownstein:

In Washington, there's little sign of convergence. Hopes for a budget "grand bargain" are flickering [because those pigheaded conservatives won't agree to raping taxpayers]. In the Senate, the two parties have worked together to pass a farm bill [which is more like a food stamps bill, but why bother with the details of another expensive giveaway], and more dramatically a sweeping immigration overhaul that won support from all 54 Democrats and 14 Republicans [RHINOs know their place on the liberals' plantation, yes?]. But House Republicans, who recently collapsed into chaos when they couldn't pass a farm [food stamps] bill, are pledging to block any reform that includes a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants-an indispensable component of legislation as far as Democrats are concerned [because it means more votes for Democrats and closing the border with Mexico just chokes off the pipeline for future D voters, right Ronnie?].  On big issues, the Supreme Court looks just as chronically divided, and the split often comes down to Republican- and Democratic-appointed justices [Not as long as Roberts and Kennedy are willing to "grow" and help the court's libs ratify the likes of ObamaCare and gay marriage.  You're being too pessimistic about the Court, Ronnie, unless you expect unanimity?].

Brownstein closes his teeth-gnashing analysis with this:

In all these ways, our contemporary politics is ignoring the simple truth that none of us are going away-not the cosmopolitan coasts, nor the evangelical South. Our choices ultimately come down to bridging our differences or surrendering to endemic separation in the states and stalemate in Washington. This week we celebrate the moment when the authors of the Declaration of Independence concluded they had no choice but "to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another." It's an excellent opportunity to consider how ominously our own "political bands" are fraying.  

But Ronnie wants us to read between his lines.  An America more united and cooperative is one where conservatives and libertarians come the left's way, dissolution solved.    

The Founders weren't preachy about going King George's way for the sake of getting-along.  Neither are right-thinking Americans today, who take founding principles deadly seriously and liberty as a birthright - God-given, one may add, for those increasingly godless lefties. 

So, let the breaches continue and widen.  The Rights of Man and liberty endures, not to be extinguished by the likes of Barack Obama, his lefty minions, and the witless (faked or real) legions of chattering libs, which Brownstein is proudly one.