The Windsors and the Weiners

Early prime-time viewers still suffering from Downton Withdrawal Syndrome were this week treated to two unfolding dynastic reality specials. First was the long-awaited birth of an heir of the House of Windsor, His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge -- third in line for the British throne.  The next day came a jolt to the foundations of the House of Weiner-Abedin, cadet branch of the House of Clinton.  Both dramas unfolded in the style these dynasties have lately accustomed us to expect -- charming and classy on the one hand and repulsive on the other. Now, longtime Windsor viewers will be aware that the show has featured its own share of low drama in the past.  Grumpy Princess Anne contributed a messy divorce and embarrassing police calls, while the loopy architectural critic cum environmental Cassandra, Charles, Prince of Wales, provided bizarre wanderings of both the marital and half-baked philosophical variety.  These were, all eclipsed, of course, by...(Read Full Post)