The Green Sheen on This Weiner

Living many years as a bachelor, I learned early on that when taking the last couple of hotdogs from a package in the fridge, it was wise to scan them closely for any iridescent signs of spoilage, which usually presented as a tell-tale, greenish, and sometimes, when in an advanced state of putrefaction a purplish sheen. That tint of taint was enough to warn me off and prevent my eating such a suspect substance. Even then, young and dumb as I was, I had to question what poisonous consequences might arise from the ingestion of such a fluorescently fouled frank? Unfortunately, it appears that too many voters in New York City are oblivious to this florid, tell-tale tint of taint on one of their current candidates and are willing to swallow whole, a truly toxic Weiner in their upcoming mayoral race. Little Anthony, as I came to view him in his former incarnation as a corrosively combative congressman, is attempting to sell himself to New York voters as a political hotdog when he is, in...(Read Full Post)