Snowden to seek temporary asylum in Russia

I guess he's tired of living in the international transit lounge at Moscow's airport. Besides, this may be his only way out. The Hill: Edward Snowden will ask Russia for temporary asylum, with the hope of eventually traveling to one of the Latin American countries that has offered him a permanent home, a human rights organization official told the New York Times. The 30-year old former defense contractor has been holed up in the Moscow airport for nearly three weeks after fleeing Hong Kong shortly after admitting to having leaked details of top-secret National Security Agency surveillance programs. But on Friday, he met with officials from prominent human rights organizations, including Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Transparency International and an official with the United Nations High Commissioners for Refugees, with the hope of moving toward resolution of his status. Tanya Lokshina, a senior Russia researcher for Human Rights Watch in Moscow, told the...(Read Full Post)