'Slavery was a full-employment system'

Robert B. Reich, former Secretary of Labor in the President William Clinton (D) administration and now professor of Public Policy at the University of California at Berkeley, knows how to create full employment in 140 characters or less.  He tweets Easy to create lots of new jobs. Just cut wages and benefits. Slavery was a full-employment system. So slavery in the US, defended by Democrats for many years, was merely a benign "full-employment system."  Hmm.  Ostensibly against slavery--and full employment, Reich advocates for jobs with  high minimum wages with lots of benefits to avoid it.  But, as the realistic and non professorial in the real world Twitchy staff notes, The types of policies he supports have been in use in countries such as France (unemployment rate: 11.0 percent), Italy (unemployment rate: 12.0 percent), Portugal (unemployment rate: 17.8 percent), Spain (unemployment rate: 26.8 percent), and Greece (unemployment...(Read Full Post)