Perry in 2016?

Governor Perry won't see reelection in 2014.  He's been on the job since Governor Bush became President Bush in 2000. Like Bush, Perry understands that Hispanics are a factor in elections. He has also proven in Texas that you can be tough on border security, call for small government and get Hispanic support. Michael Warren has a good piece about Perry & Hispanics: " In 2010, running for his third full term, the Republican governor won the support of more than 400,000 Hispanic voters in Texas, his best performance to date." The key was Perry's strategy.  They treated Hispanics like other voters.  They spoke to Hispanics about issues that matter to all of us. Back to Mr Warren: "That message was part economic, part populist: The Perry regime of lower taxes and smaller, less intrusive government had kept the economy booming through the Great Recession and kept more money in the average Texan's pocket. That convinced the majority of...(Read Full Post)