Disqus: Commenting System Update

Later today you may notice an update to the Disqus commenting system on American Thinker. The update is necessary in order to keep the system running smoothly. The update will also restore profile options like comment history, which was recently discontinued for older versions of Disqus. Although the system will appear slightly different for our regular users, this update does not require anything new in order to participate in discussions as usual. American Thinker registered commenting accounts can still use the blue "Login" button at the top of any comments section, or the "Login" tab on our homepage. Some newer functions included with this update - like up and down voting arrows instead of only a thumbs up option - are straightforward and may prove to be very useful. However, we understand that not everybody will utilize the full functionality of the system, which we also respect as a legitimate choice. Please allow yourself a few sessions to adjust to the update. If an...(Read Full Post)