Michoacan is Mexico's big new 'problema'

Michoacan is a Mexican region that most Americans don't know much about.  There are no major beach resorts for honeymooners or romantic getaways.       Morelia, the largest city in the state, is a beautiful colonial destination to see the old Mexico of long lunches in an outdoors restaurant, "siesta" and late dinners at a friend's home.   Close your eyes in old Morelia and you will feel like you are having a tequila in that "cantina" of "The Treasure of The Sierra Madre".   The state does have a lot of resources, from avocados, lumber and the Lazaro Cardenas PEMEX refinery. Years ago, Morelia was a charming place to experience old Mexico.Today, beautiful Michoacan is a lawless region: 1) Just yesterday, a high ranking Navy Admiral was killed while traveling with his wife.  It may be the highest ranking public official killed by cartels or gangs. 2) There are...(Read Full Post)