Mama Mia, More Sharia in Egypt

Egypt's Coptic community is alarmed over the constitutional road map issued on Monday by interim president Adly Mansour.  The Sharia closed circle that has stifled Egypt's efforts since the 1820s to produce a pluralistic society based upon a secular consensus has not been defeated. A Coptic activist group, Egypt's Maspero Youth Union -- named after the brutal Maspero massacre, during which the Egyptian military targeted and killed dozens of Coptic Christians, and injured some 300 -- responded with understandable anguish to the declaration by interim president Adly Mansour. The Maspero Youth Union characterized as "shocking," the 33-article document, which outlines the roadmap for the transitional period anticipated to last six months.  The declaration's first article combines Articles 1, 2 and 219 of the suspended constitution -- article 219 having been added by avowed Muslim Sharia supremacists to clarify the meaning of "principles of Islamic sharia" mentioned in the...(Read Full Post)