Let it Be -- a Review

Your toes are tapping. Your fingers are snapping. Your hands are clapping. By the end of the first "act," the whole audience, mezzanine and all, is swaying and rocking such that my companion and I fled downstairs, despite great seats, afraid the balcony would crash to the ground with the syncopated movement of the St. James. Let It Be, playing a limited engagement at Broadway's St. James Theatre from July 16 to December 29, sings its way through the extraordinary repertory of some of the greatest songs of the past three generations. We get the history of the fab four from a rock cavern in Liverpool to their world-acclaim... everywhere. Strung tightly between bouts of newsreels and TV clips, grainy video of live-audience reaction back in the 60s, four nonstop singers give us note for note what we got and never forgot from John, Paul, George, and Ringo. Graham Alexander (the only Yank among the fab Brits onstage), John Brosnan, Ryan Coath, and James Fox go from earliest mop-topped teen...(Read Full Post)